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Pietro Nolita, "Pink AF"

You had me at “healthy Italian food.”

With all the indulgences that come along with the holiday season, Pietro Nolita is serving up a healthy and ingredient-focused menu that will satisfy your cravings with a little less of the guilt.

Pietro Quaglia is the Italian entrepreneur, who after a successful career in both the restaurant and fashion industry, spent a year scouting a location in New York City for his vision. After finding the perfect venue in lower Manhattan, he spent the next several months completely transforming the storefront on Elizabeth Street from top to bottom, inside and out.

Today, Pietro Nolita is hard to miss. Avoiding the cliché interior of the typical New York City Italian restaurant, celebrated Swedish restaurant designer Jeanette Dalrot chose a bubble gum pink theme meets 1950’s diner, with accents including mirrors, neon lights, and retro starbursts. Each piece of furniture was custom made to accommodate the cozy 1,000 square foot space, including an architecturally impressive zigzagging leather banquette.

Affectionately marketed as “pink as f#$%,” this little Nolita jewel box boasted rave reviews upon its grand opening this winter, including a recent editorial in The New York Times. “Above an unmistakably pink subterranean stone entryway with flower boxes of mottled caladium leaves, a neon starburst with a smiley face announces a new arrival: the full-service ‘healthy Italian’ restaurant Pietro Nolita.” In addition, the restaurant has already been featured in W Magazine, Eater NY, New York Magazine, Vogue (which named it one of the best places to eat during New York Fashion Week), and more. Inspired by the cooking of Quaglia’s mother back home in Milan, the menu at Pietros features light, clean versions of Italian mainstays, including a “secret family recipe” for pasta alla carbonara, with only a little butter and no cream, and branzino with pink peppercorn and lemon zest.

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Check out Pietro Nolita online at as well as their (unsurprisingly) pink Instagram handle @pietronolita. And of course, make sure to stop in for some Instagram-worthy shots as well as the healthy and hearty Italian cuisine. Buon appetito!

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