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Fontainebleau Capital receives E-2 Treaty Investor Visa in Paris

Congratulations to firm client, Fontainebleau Capital, on the approval of their E-2 Treaty Investor Visa from the US Embassy in Paris!

Fontainebleau Capital is a multi-strategy, market-neutral investment manager located in New York City.

In 2016, Fontainebleau Capital launched a US-based fund with a handful of limited partners utilizing state-of-the-art processes and regulatory compliance. The company’s products feature actively traded liquid securities which are publicly traded in the United States (mainly Corporate Bonds, Stocks, Indexes, and Equity Options), specializing in low-risk strategies and statistical arbitrages.

Created by investment management professionals, Mr. Raphaël Francois Paul Rodriguez Sierra and Mr. Nicolas de Vial, Fontainebleau Capital boasts expertise in portfolio management between the seasoned Managers.

More information about Fontainebleu Capital can be found at

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