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Joanie Lemercier + BARNEYS NEW YORK + JAY-Z

In October 2013, the Law Office of Katia Teirstein secured the O-1B and O-2 visas for the artistic team, led by French visual artist Joanie Lemercier, for their collaboration with Barneys New York and hip-hop musician Shawn "JAY Z" Carter. The luxury specialty retailer has long partnered with internationally renowned artists for museum quality public art installations in its display windows and the 2013 holiday display is no exception.

Entitled "A New York Holiday," the project features interactive visual installations conceived by JAY Z, Joanie Lemercier and team, and the Barneys creative department that span the display windows facing Madison Avenue, as well as the BNY SCC Gallery, an immersive space inside Barneys celebrating the Shawn Carter collection for the retailer.

Mr. Lemercier is an internationally acclaimed visual artist in the art form known as Projection Mapping. Also called "Video Mapping," Projection Mapping is an emerging medium that utilizes specialized software to project light and image on varying structures and surfaces, often orchestrated with original audio score. The final result is a unique combination of creativity and technology that creates an extraordinary audio-visual experience. Mr. Lemericer is celebrated as a pioneer in this field and after seeing the displays in person for myself, it is absolutely apparent why this is. They are nothing short of breathtaking.

A New York Holiday premiered November 20, 2013 and it will run through the 2013 holiday season. Head over to the Barneys Madison Avenue windows to see them for yourselves and get in the holiday spirit. (Tip: Go after dark!)

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